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Dental Prosthetics

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- Consultation
- Oral hygiene
- Sealing grooves and fosetelor
- Fluoride
- Full and complex treatment of cavities
- Esthetic restorations
- Treatment of sensitive teeth
- Prosthetic ceramic with metal (chromium, cobalt or gold plated with platinum)
- Prosthetic ceramic, zirconium oxide supporting
- Full ceramic prosthetic
- Inlay
- Ceramic or composite veneers
- Works for dental implants
- Mobile or movable dentures or partial total
- Classic skeletal prostheses special systems

Surgery / Implantology


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- Dental implants
- Tooth extractions
- Apical resections
- Premolarizations
- Carefully helping mobile surgery
- Prevention of gum disease
- Treatment of periodontal tooth occlusal equilibration and oral rehabilitation

Cosmetic dentistry

 Pediatric Dentistry


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- Detatraj ultrasound
- Airflow
- Professional brushing with fluoride toothpaste
- Whitening treatments
- Dental jewelery
- Faceting of ceramic and composite
- Ceramic prosthetic restoration of teeth treated
- Preventive treatments (topical fluoride, sealing, guidance on brushing teeth)
- Prophylaxis and treatment of children's teeth
- Root canal treatments