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Dental Implant

implant surub1A dental implant is one of the greatest discoveries of dentistry, bringing revolutionary solutions and hope edentulous patients (with missing teeth), in some cases practically changing people's lives.

Inserted where the former roots, dental implants are almost the new teeth that will function and look like natural teeth.

Implant prostheses patients regain the ability to eat almost anything and smile with confidence, knowing that their new teeth look flawless. By inserting implants to preserve the integrity of facial structure (a dental bone), reducing inconveniences they cause loss of one or more teeth.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is basically a small titanium screw that replaces the root of the tooth. The surgery involves inserting the implant into the upper or lower jawbone, completely painless operation.

The surgical procedure
FG 16After this operation is waiting several months for bone cells (osteoclasts and osteoblasts) to create new bone tissue around the implant, a process called osseointegration. Osseointegration is usually easily accepted by the body. Thus, the implant can serve as support for a crown, fixed bridge or denture deployable.
Many patients do not like the idea of ​​polish adjacent teeth are edentulous (mandatory procedure in case of dental bridges, teeth natural pillars) in these cases being able to use prosthetic implants.
It covers briefly comprises:
   - Dental implant (which is inserted into the bone),
   - Implant abutment (the one that will stand prosthetic restoration)
   - Crown (final prosthetic restoration). 

servicii151Material they are made of titanium dental implants-biocompatibility, has the property, that is, by its interaction with the body is reduced likelihood of side effects.

Who are candidates for dental implants?
Implants are recommended for patients of all ages who are missing teeth. Everyone is healthy enough for a small surgery in the mouth can turn to implant treatment.

It's good to note that after the surgery performed in dental clinic patients must follow a very good local hygiene, because in its absence appear gingival inflammation that can lead to implant loss. It must thus the necessity of periodic checks every three months to the dentist.

Implant success and failure
The success of dental implant is an accumulation of factors that is closely related to: experience, skill medical team, the type of implant and its quality in conjunction with local and overall health of the patient, the quality and quantity of bone structure and not least to understand patient in subsequent maintenance of the dental implant.
The general opinion is that the implant success rate is around 96-97%.
It is considered a successful implant, implant osseointegration showing complete (bone integration), stability (represented by the coefficient of stability of the implant ISQ) and the first year after insertion, do not show loss of bone structure (resorption) around the implant greater than 0.1mm

Opinions against the implant
There are some absolute contraindications related to overall health, and here we have:
   people with diabetes insulinodependent uncontrolled rheumatic, serious cardiac events, blood pressure increase, people are taking chemotherapy
Also, bruxism (teeth gathering power, their scrasnitul at night) is an important factor in consideration of noninsertion of a dental implant. The forces applied on the implant are very large and is a threat regarding the time duration of the implant.
In extremely severe cases of maxillary or mandibular bone atrophy, bone substrate which is not present in the vicinity of anatomical structures such as hole of the chin, mandibular canal, dental implant is not possible.

Dinti-mai-albi-cu-anumite-fructe-si-legume1Dental implants will enrich the quality of life, being constructed to provide a sense of naturalness. People who have lost teeth regains the ability to eat virtually anything, talking and laughing "mouth to ear".
Increasingly more patients preferred treatment method in dental implant over dentures or bridges.